IMG_4673After having kayaked with some friends of ours while back it had always been on our list to look into purchasing or own. Of course the new house came along and things got busy so they just fell off the radar. Earlier this week I made a trip up to Frontenac Outfitters to look around. They have a wonderful selection of outdoor gear, including kayaks. I came home that night with all the information and we made out final decision, it was time to buy!

We each got a kayak made by Delta, a Canadian company out of BC. They are really nice, and the colour is baked right in when they are made so they never fade and look ugly. Along with the kayak came a number of accessories. We needed, paddles, skirts, life jackets, safety kits, etc. The credit card took a major hit.

IMG_4660Saturday morning we ventured off to Frontenac Provincial park for our first trip. The temperature was perfect and the Big Salmon Lake was calm. After lifting them off the car rack and putting them in the water we were off. Our first trip lasted abut 1.5 hours and it was wonderful. It is so peaceful out on a lake, looking at all the wildlife. We didn’t have our digital SLR along with us, that would be too risky for the first trip, but Jackie got some great pictures with her iPhone. At one point when we were driving into the park the deer pretty much stuck his head in the van. We can’t wait to go out for trip number 2!

IMG_4662As for my workouts this week, well that was a write off. I missed a few early in the week and then decided I might as well take a week off from any serious training. There are only so many hours in the day and the purchase and use of the kayaks consumed a good portion of my free time. I did manage to cover 48 kilometres during my training, not counting the kayak distance. I will consider that cross training 🙂

See you at the finish line…..


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