Back to School

9006262_origThis weekend marks the beginning of the fall season and time for the kids to go back to school. Brandon spent time late in the week helping his girlfriend Kayla move into her new apartment. She is attending the University of Toronto with him this year. Brandon doesn’t move into his residence until Tuesday. He as lucky enough to get back into the same room as he had last year so everything will be very familiar. We will spend most of the day tomorrow loading up the van for yet another yearly drop-off.

Brittany has it easy this year for University preparations as she doesn’t have to move. She will be staying with us this upcoming year as we are only about 5 kilometres from the Queens campus. All the classes start the week of September 14th.

The girls returned from their trip to Ireland with lots of pictures and stories. I think Jackie would move there if she could! Thank god Trinity College doesn’t offer a graduate program or Brittany would have it at the top of her list.

I had a few good trail runs this past week. I concentrated more on my runs and skipped a couple of bike workouts. As a result my distance was down this week. I travelled 85 kilometres this week.

See you at the finish line….

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