Fall Means Football

a16e00eda5626416254cab9905d7a67eWhen the cooler weather arrives (and there is no doubt it has arrived) it marks the beginning of the NFL football season. On Thursday night the reigning Super Bowl Cheaters the New England Patriots took on the Steelers. The Patriots were dominant and came out victorious. Generally that is a good thing as the Steelers are rivals of my favourite team, the Browns. Confused yet?

Deflategate was the talk of the offseason. Did Tom Brady know about the under inflated footballs he was using? Of course he did, but the courts still overturned the decision. He got to start in the Thursday night game and as it turned out he made the difference. Mark went though an entire box of kleenex and hasn’t been heard from since.

My beloved Browns are currently tied with the Jets in the second quarter. If I had to make a prediction one of the Browns will trip over their shoelace late in the game and fumble the ball, losing by one point. That is usually the kind of thing that happens to them week after week.

bob-hansen-quote-were-still-optimistic-and-hoping-the-rain-will-stopIt rained all weekend so I was left no choice but to do a couple of workouts inside. We needed the rain but it could have waited until we were all back to work during the week. Mother Nature has bad timing.

I travelled 87 kilometres during my training this week. I didn’t get into the pool at all this past week, the timing just didn’t work out. I will have to make a point to get into the pool this week, although with all the kids back in University the pool at Queens will be packed.

See you at the finish line…..

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