A Double Blog.

I am not sure if anyone noticed but I skipped a blog post last week. I think that had only happened once before since I began my blog over three years ago. It wasn’t that I had forgotten, but rather that I didn’t have much of interest to say. These past two weeks have been very busy and stressful at work. I have a couple of projects that are both due at the same time, this upcoming week. It has made for longer working days and just generally a irritable mood. Not that anyone would notice, I am always so chipper!

stone tower and flower

stone tower and flower

I have been practicing meditation for a number of weeks now. Many of the sports podcasts I listen to talk about the benefits of clearing your mind and getting in touch with your body. I found a local group here in Kingston that I have been joining on Wednesday nights. It sounds a little “out there” but it does really help. Today I took a full day course with the same group and learned a ton of things about eastern religion, as well as mediation techniques. Very fascinating stuff.

The Ironman World Championships (KONA) is coming up next weekend. We will be huddled around the TV as we stream it live from the internet. I know that some day soon we will be watching Brittany competing at KONA once she gets her wrist straightened out. If I keep competing until I am eighty I will have a shot at winning my age group and making it to KONA myself.  I have thirty-three years to train to meet that goal, that should be enough time!

TaylorSwiftBrittany and Jackie went to Toronto this past weekend to visit Brandon and Kayla. Well, truth be told they went there to visit Taylor Swift, Brandon and Kayla just happened to be in the same city. I had to watch the cats all weekend. It would be more accurate to say that they watched me, they are always staring. It is very impolite.

I averaged a distance of 125 kms a week over the past two weeks in my training. It has all been biking and running, I haven’t been in the pool for weeks. I used to swim during my lunch hour through the week but meetings have messed that up!

See you at the finish line…..

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