Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Turkey Overload.

cardsHappy Thanksgiving everyone! It has been a busy weekend around the McEachern household. Brandon came home from University on Friday night and it has been non stop action every since. Saturday we spend the evening in Brockville at my parent’s house. Mark and Stephanie (and scooter, can’t forget the furry friends) were visiting from Cambridge so it was a good opportunity to see everyone all in one place. Of course, we overate. I mean what is the point in leaving coconut cream pie in the fridge for the next day, that is just silly. We played a few games of threes, I let them win just to be courteous.

On Sunday I began the day by moving the kayaks into storage for the year. Brandon helped me get them from the garage to the basement. The cats thought I placed them in the basement just for them to sit on! We ended up wrapping them up in bedsheets as out mischievous cat, Ollie, began to bite at the ropes along the sides of the boats. We all went to the local voting venue to do our democratic duty. It was Brandon’s first time voting as he just turned 18 this past year. The line-ups were longer than expected, ugh.

Birthday-Cake-Pictures-with-CandlesBrittany ushered us all into the fitness centre at Queens to lead us in a mini workout. She is leading a fitness session with some medical students and figured she should test out her plan on us! We all had a fun time but we had to rush out to our next turkey dinner. This time we were hosted by Jackie’s parents. It was another yummy affair and this time it was topped off with a birthday cake. Jackie is once again older than me for a full three weeks! I will take advantage of being the younger man for the next 21 days!

I travelled 105 kms this week during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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