Time for a change – new coach.

bum-workout-on-treadmill-michael-training-boyle-28023After a few years of following a specific system and program (QT2) it was time for a change. There was nothing wrong with my previous program, it just got old and I needed a change. For a number of months now my motivation has been low and looking for a new coach might just be the boost I needed.

I had a few requirements. The new coach had to be someone who pushed me, kind of a scream in your face type. I wanted them to have real experience at a high level in Ironman, I wanted someone who could relate to the trials and tribulations of long days of training and who could offer race strategy experience. The new coach also had to have an educational background in human performance and mobility. And finally, they had to be really really cheap. After an exhaustive search I found my new coach. She was doing her homework in her bedroom upstairs.

So the next segment of my Ironman journey begins with Brittany as my coach. She tapped into all her resources at the University to build a comprehensive program for me to follow. The program began this morning with a bike, then a run, then a core session. The core workout was brutal, my stomach will be in pain for the foreseeable future.

Last week I travelled 102 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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