The Boys of Fall

20111119-blue-jays-betterMost of the country has been following the Blue Jays the past month as they made their run to World Series. They had a super last half to the season and entered the playoffs looking strong. First they fell two games back to Texas and came back with three consecutive wins to take the series. The “bat toss” was talked about for days. Next up was the American League leaders, the Kansas City Royals. Once again the Jays spotted them a couple of wins, but this time they couldn’t dig themselves out of that hole. I guess we will all wait and see if the same team shows up for spring training.

Ottawa-Senators-copyWith the excitement of baseball, the hockey season started without much fanfare. Well, the Canadians are unbeaten, they are on a roll. The Senators, my team, have had an ok start to the season. I just hope they can keep it up and not require late season heroics like last year in order to make the playoffs.

I finished my first week of my new training plan. It is less cardio focussed, and more muscle endurance exercises than my previous program. I did a lower body workout early in the week and still felt it on Friday. I think this morning was the first time going up the stairs didn’t hurt. That is a good thing right? Yesterday I did a 10k time trial. It was a baseline run so that we could track progress throughout the season. Trust me, there is room for improvement.

I travelled 83 kms this week during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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