Better Late Than Never?

IMG_0826I am a day late posting to my blog this week. It was a busy weekend and as a result my schedule got messed up a bit. To start, Brittany was at a formal on Saturday at the university. There were plenty of preparations required such as the prerequisite hair and nails appointments. Pictures needed to be taken of her and her date Robert. It just turned into an all encompassing event for most of the family.

On Sunday we hosted visitors. It began with my parents dropping in to take us out to breakfast for Brittany’s birthday. That was a nice touch, being retired and all. Dad and I did some running around town looking at Christmas gifts while Jackie and Mom gossiped. No sooner were they out the door and Ron and Lorna arrived for a visit! We got caught up on all the activities going on in our respective lives. And of course, dreamed of what far away locations we could retire to.

So my first born turns 22 today. How is that possible, i am far too young to have a 22 year old child right? This is where you all shake your heads and say “no way Mike, you are too young for that”. You are doing that right? Isn’t there a magic age, I think it is 22, when you begin to support your parents rather than them supporting you? I will let me Mom chime in here. Wasn’t I moved out and on my own by that age? Of course, I am joking, I don’t want her to move out, she is still my baby girl and always will be. Even if she wears a dress with a far too revealing slit up the side.

back-injury-workI injured my back this past week. It happened on Thursday and has prevented me from doing any physical activity since. I was lifting some weights, back squats to be specific. Everything felt ok until about four hours later and then it hit. I had a day of very little movement and it has still been very tender since than. As a result, my mileage was way down this week to a paltry 46 kms.

See you at the finish line, when my back heals………

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