A Sad Week of Terror

flagIt is difficult to write about anything other than the events in Paris this past Friday night. What is wrong with people? It is hard to fathom how anyone can take the lives of others, especially innocent, unsuspecting people, out for a Friday night dinner or to a concert. I guess that is the point of terrorists, to create a general sense of terror to the average citizen. I would be lying if to some degree it isn’t effective. We went out to the movies on Friday night after hearing the news, but not without considering the implications. We still went, but it had an effect on our decision.

I have been following my new training plan for a month now. My swimming has definitely improved, I am getting to the pool on a regular basis now. I have also been focusing more on running than I had in the past. I know that because my joints are always sore, lol. This past week I travelled 127 kms during my training, most of it running. It is almost time to plan my races for next season.

See you at the finish line….

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