Frosty Mornings

7c1fcd0676d3260a2da8633de9156b7bWith each passing day we get reminded of what is on the way. In the mornings there is frost on the car windows. Nothing that a little fluid won’t clear up, but soon it will require scraping. Soon after that we will be treated with the snow falling. Last year we were the only house on our cul de sac. The city figured we were not a priority for snow removal so we often waited until midday before the roads were plowed. We managed. If you took a good run at right out of the driveway you could sustain enough speed to get you out to the main road. Now there are a few more houses on the street so maybe we won’t have to wait as long for snow removal. We will find out soon enough.

keepcalmThe kids are heading into the exam period. I think the last day of classes is this upcoming Friday. Brittany is lucky this year as she only has one exam to worry about. Brandon, not so lucky. Another semester will be over before they know it.

I travelled 118 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line…..


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