2015 Year End Report

19625997-grunge-fitness-background-vintage-style-vector-illustration-Stock-VectorI guess the best place to start is to recap my fitness progress over the past year, as this is suppose to be a fitness blog. In 2015, I travelled a total distance of 7049.8 kms. You may ask, why didn’t you just go the extra 200 metres to make it an even 7050kms? I am asking myself that same question, but I didn’t calculate my final stats until the year was complete! It took me 441 hours and 23 minutes to cover the total mileage. Overall, not a bad year of training. I met some of my fitness goals and I fell short on some others. I didn’t race as much as I would have liked this past year, but I was busy with work so I did what I could.

bright_future_aheadI also had a big career change in 2015. Back in November I stopped working for the company I was with for 26 years (we no longer speak the name of the company). Since then I have had a number of interviews and earlier this week accepted a new job. I will be working in Kingston at Providence Care, a mental health facility. They are in the process of constructing a new hospital so there is much to be done to prepare for the eventual move to the new building. I will be leading some projects to assist the transition to the new facility. I start the new job on January 11th.

100writing3As I mentioned a few weeks back, I am close to publishing my first novel! I had hoped to have it out in 2015 but there was no need to rush it. Since I revealed that it was close, I have had lots of interest. It is good to have some pent up demand!

This past week I travelled 142 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line in 2016….

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