Hospitals and Worldwide Readers

IMG_0013The highlight of the past week (or lowlight if there is such a thing) was my day at the hospital. I waited all day for Brittany to have and recover from her wrist surgery. She may have had it a bit tougher than me, just a bit. She was having ligament repairs from an athletic injury that has kept her out of training for a number of months. Hopefully it solves the problem but she has a long road to recovery first. Maybe by the end of the summer she will be back at the start line once again.

Brandon and Kayla start back at school at U of T tomorrow. I drove them back to school yesterday and got them settled back in their respective 2nd homes. They will be 1/2 way through their undergrad degrees at the end of this semester, time goes by quickly.

navigator_globe_lgI received a report this week on the various countries where people have been viewing my blog. Canada was the number one country, not a surprise. Brazil was in second place, and I don’t even know anyone in Brazil. The U.S. was third, and Germany was fourth. There were 82 countries in all that accessed my blog this past year.

I travelled 89 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line….

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