Everything is new again

providence-care-logoThis week marked the beginning of a new professional challenge. I started my new job at a mental health facility in Kingston. The week began with new employee training. It was two days of learning about the organization and its history. The focus was on people, something I was not familiar with with my previous employer. Every company talks about taking care of employees, but reality is that some are much better at it than others. It is not surprising that there is an overwhelming amount of compassion within the organization, it is a health care facility!

coffee-endingDoing everything for the first time in a new organization is a challenge. Simple things that I used to take for granted can be a struggle. Simple things like getting a password reset on your phone can seem difficult. Figuring out the social norms in the organization will take some time as well. Where is the coffee? Who eats lunch in their office? Who is the gossip of the organization. The nice thing is that everyone has been so welcoming. Passing others in the hall always requires a smile and a bit of conversation. You might think that is common sense, but again it was not the norm for me in my last job.

One thing that has suffered since the start of the new job has been my workouts. I have had trouble finding times to get into the pool that match with my schedule. The plan that my trainer had set out for me did not get followed. Maybe this upcoming week I can get back into a solid routine, but it is doubtful. It will take some time.

writers-blockI have also neglected my writing and editing. When I say neglected, I mean ignored. I still have some edits to complete on my first book before sending it to beta readers. My target date had to be pushed back with everything else that has been going on.

This past week I travelled 120 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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