Unseasonably Warm Weather

Working-tire-tracks-melting-snowIs it just me, or has this winter felt more like spring? I am accustomed to being in a deep freeze for at least two months. You know, the type of weather where you just want to stay in bed all day and read. Instead, we have been treated to a very mild winter. This upcoming week is forecasted to continue to be above zero. I am not complaining, I just keep waiting for the deep freeze to begin.

stationarytrainer350I put my bike on the indoor training near the end of October. It isn’t fun doing 30 km/hr on a bike once the weather turns bitter. Everything, and I mean everything, gets cold really quickly. This year, it feels like I have missed an opportunity to continue to train outdoors. Each time I am on the bike I think, maybe I should get outside next time. The problem is that I am anticipating the deep freeze. Dressing for runs presents the same problem. I get all bundled up in anticipation of potential frozen skin and 2 kilometres into the run I am sweating like a dog under all the thermal clothing.

This past week I travelled 108 kms during my training. I have been increasing my run mileage in anticipation of my first 1/2 Marathon of the season. Brittany is pushing me to shoot for a personal best at this upcoming race. The pressure is on!

See you at the finish line…


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