The book is in the hands of Beta Readers

manuscriptThis past week marked a significant step forward in the publishing of my first book. With the help of my editor Martha, we identified a number of good and diverse readers that have agreed to read the first copies of the manuscript. The role of a beta reader is not to fix my grammar, but rather to provide feedback on the storyline. Are the characters compelling? Is the ending compelling? What character do you like the least? Those are a few of the questions that the beta readers will be providing me feedback on. I expect to get some feedback in the next couple of weeks from the readers. I will be moving on to hiring a designer to develop my cover next. I may even post some samples here on the blog for feedback!

touching-toesMy training went well this past week. It has been tough to find the time to get to the pool after work. At that time of day the lanes are always packed, not the best situation. I have to make the best of it until I install an olympic sized pool in the basement (never). I travelled 91 kms this past.

See you at the finish line….

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