Wow, it is cold out there!

freezing-coldThere is no doubt that winter has now arrived. It has been -37C here for the past couple of days. That is just unreasonable by any standard. The car had a hard time starting this morning, but finally turned over. If I was a car, I wouldn’t have complied.

IMG_6668The week began with a neighbourhood Super Bowl party. It was a good time with friends. They had lots of little games setup, for money, of which I didn’t win. Jackie didn’t take home any prizes as well. We dressed up for the occasion in our jerseys. The disappointing part of the party was the game itself. Both teams played poorly so it made for a bad game to watch. It was very sloppy, one of the worst in recent memory. My costume was a mix of the Browns and the Steelers. I could get used to this hair thing, lol.

Both kids are home for reading week. Brandon was here less than 24 hours and then headed out to his girlfriends for a day. Brittany gets her cast off on Tuesday, we will all be relieved that she can be independent once again.

My workouts went well this week. I managed to get all of the scheduled components completed for the first time in a number of weeks. I signed up for a half marathon in April for some added motivation. Brittany will push me hard to have me as prepared as possible at the start line. This past week I travelled 135 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…

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