Winter Storm Blues

Roy Williams

This week winter seemed to arrive with force. We had Monday off as it was a holiday in Canada for most. Tuesday morning the storm hit. By lunch the roads were pretty much impassable. We were all sent home from work around 1pm. The first challenge was getting out of the parking lot. I was stuck and it took four others pushing the car to get me moving. The trick is to not stop, to keep forward momentum. As I approached the road heading into our house I could see that i didn’t have a chance. I gunned it and slid into the subdivision as far as I could. The car stayed there for the rest of the night, until the plow finally found our street. It made for an early morning. Brandon, Jackie, and I got up and went to the stranded car and dug it out. We all made it into work, almost on time. It made for a long day, and a long week.

IMG_0174Brittany finally got her cast off her arm. She can now shower and do her hair on her own. This is a major step for family peace. The stitches look like they have been healing well. She has weeks of physiotherapy ahead of her now, but recovery is in sight.

Brandon spent his reading week back and forth between Kingston and Brockville. He got a new laptop, which kept him busy when he was at home. He left on Saturday on the train to head back to Toronto for the final stretch of year two.

My training went as planned this week. I travelled 126 kms, and for the most part it felt good. Progress is being made.

See you at the finish line….

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