New Hospital Tour

Providence1___ContentAs I mentioned previously, my new role is working to build a new hospital in Kingston. The substantial completion date is December 1st, so it is well along in the process. I had an opportunity to tour the facility this week. It will be a wonderful new hospital for the community. It is a 270 bed facility that will be used for aging and mental health patients. It is not an acute care facility, as you tend to think of when you consider hospitals. Basically, I am building my retirement home! It has a wonderful physiotherapy centre with a pool and multiple exercise rooms. The patients will be transferred from the existing two hospitals on March of 2017. It is amazing to work for an organization that is working to improve the lives of others.

Jackie and I spent time this week preparing for our upcoming vacation next week. It has been awhile since we got away together to a warm location. We are going to the Dominican Republic for a little beach time. It is tough to find new bathing suits in the middle of the winter in Canada!

planetMy workouts were consistent this week. I am continuing to follow a program that Brittany has crafted for me. Brittany and I signed up to volunteer at the Lake Placid Ironman (July 24th) once again. We will be at the finish line working the food tent. Jackie let me use one of her guest passes at Planet Fitness this week. She worked the elliptical and I spent some time on the treadmill. They have some nice equipment at the new club!

This past week I travelled 118kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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