A Week of Vacation

IMG_6835This past week Jackie and I spent in the Dominican on vacation. We chose an island off of the province of Samana. After a long travel day last Sunday we arrived by boat just after 3pm. The island and the resort were beautiful. Our room was very nice and clean, which we were happy about! We had a similar routine each day. We would wake up, do some exercising and then have breakfast. From 9am to 2pm we would sit on the beach and read. We ate lunch each day at the poolside buffet, and got drinks from the bart on the beach. After showering the sand of ourselves we would go out to dinner.

IMG_8528There were four specialty restaurants at the resort. We had made reservations the first day we arrived. The first was Brazilian themed. It was amazing. They brought huge skewers of various type of meat to the table and cut to onto your plate. There was also a nice serving of steamed vegetables. On the second night we at the the gourmet Don Pablo. It was the best meal we had during our stay. We had some good laughs at the appetizer sizes (very small), but we didn’t leave hungry. The final two specialty restaurants were Mediterranean and Italian, both were average.

IMG_3174The beach was amazing. Each day we were able to get chairs in the shade only feet away from the shoreline. It was nice to read and just listen to the waves come in each day. I was also able to get some open water swim training completed. One morning it was particularly windy an wavy. I was able to swim 2k in the poor conditions, it was a confidence builder for the upcoming triathlon season.

IMG_2257The humidity certainly made the running difficult. I made a point to get up before sunrise to start the runs, but by the time I was done it was hotter than the face of the sun. I learned try quickly to pace myself for the longer distance sessions (10k and over). I travelled 112 kms while training on the island the past week.

IMG_6869Overall, we have a great time and would love to return. Time to pack and catch a boat, to a bus, to a plane, to a car, to a snowy driveway. I have added a couple more pictures down below, and a video of some swimming!

See you at the finish line….








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