One Undergrad completed, One to go!

IMG_8376This week marks a significant event in the McEachern family. Brittany, our oldest child, finished her undergraduate degree! She spent this past week at a number of parties and awards ceremonies. She won the Varsity Club Student Athlete Leadership Award, and the CCUPEKA Leadership Award. We were all very proud of her accomplishments! She is now on to the next phase of her life. One might think that the next phase included earning money to support her parents, but that is not the case. She has applied to a number of graduate programs. She has interviews with both university of Toronto and MacMaster University for a Physiotherapy program. Her other option is to pursue her Phd, and go the academic route. Bottom line, her parents are still broke looking for someone to pay for there retirement!

1243666142627326884894260755080319730Brandon has one week of classes remaining. He will be finished his second year at University of Toronto, taking Computer Science. It won’t be long and you will all be reading about his graduation and subsequent plans to support his parents (Are you noticing a theme here?). Both kids will be back home soon enough for the summer, just in time to do the lawn maintenance.

injury-06I am still struggling with a number of nagging injuries. It seems that I just get over one muscle strain, and another rears its ugly head. I am beginning to think that at my age (yes, I am 29 again) that feeling injury free is a memory. I am continuing to train for a 1/2 Marathon is a few weeks, I hope I can hobble to the start line. My mileage this week was 90kms, with a large portion of that running. I have backed off on the biking and swimming  leading up to the race.

See you at the finish line……

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