Longest Run Prior to Race

IMG_8390My half marathon is fast approaching. In two weeks I will be at the start line wondering WTF I am doing there, when I could be warm in my bed. Of course, I hope that in two weeks we will actually have some half decent weather. It has still been unseasonably cold. Yesterday I ran my final long run prior to the race. I meandered my way through the streets of Kingston, including the RMC base, and knocked out my 17 kilometres. My legs are a touch sore today, but better than I expected (this translated means I made it up and down the stairs this morning without screaming in agony), the neighbours were able to continue sleeping. Right?

manuscriptYou may be wondering what has happened to the mystery/thriller book I have been writing? It was sent out to Beta Readers a few weeks back and I received lots of feedback. I need to do a final edit based on the feedback and then it will time to publish. Stay tuned for all the details! This would seem like a good reason for a neighbourhood party (isn’t everything?). The first draft of my second book is complete and waiting for further attention as well. If anyone is interested in being a Beta Reader let me know! My author website is under construction. It is being developed by Quark Designs, a local company, I would highly recommend them if anyone is in the market for some web development.

This past week I travelled 98 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….


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