Taper Time!

LRW-banner-1210x590This past week was the beginning of my taper for the upcoming 1/2 Marathon. Truth be told, I have been tapering all winter, but who is counting right? I did manage to get my first outdoor ride of the season completed. Earlier today I pumped up the tires and headed out north of Kingston for a ride. It was a relaxed pace, for approximately 30 kilometres. The weather was wonderful. I wore a long sleeve t-shirt, but certainly could have gone with the short sleeve option. I did a short run after the bike, a 4 kilometre jog.

canada_goose_1Spring has certainly arrived. The birds wake me up early each morning, screaming back and forth to each other. We have a number of Canadian Geese protecting the entrance to the neighbourhood. It can make picking up mail at the community box interesting. They seem to guard the box, as if they are waiting for a parcel for themselves. The summer toys are all being brought out of the local garages, yes Scott you have toys! Yes, spring has officially arrived!

This past week I travelled 92 kilometres during my training.

See you at the finish line….


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