First Race Report of 2016

IMG_8462For the first time this year me and me cheering squad (Jackie and Brittany), got up early and made our way to the first race of the season. I was signed up for the Kingston 1/2 Marathon. It was an ambitious race for me as it is very early in the season, it is still feeling cold out there. My coach Brittany, decided that my goal should be a PB on the first race of the year. Yeah, she is hardcore. We were aiming for a 2:10 finish.

IMG_5209The morning was very cold. After picking up my timing chip we sat in the van with the seat heaters cranked on high. After the multiple prerequisite bathroom stops it was time to race. The runners for the 1/2 Marathon and the 5k all began at the same time. It was a big crowd so the first kilometre of the race was spend just trying to find a good running lane. Things finally thinned out and I was able to get into a rhythm. I felt good for the first 10k, completing it in 58 minutes and change. Jackie and Brittany spent their time driving to various points on the course to cheer me on, and hand me drinks. That was really helpful, it kept me with something to look forward to every so often.

IMG_7108I was on pace after 17k to hit the goal time of 2:10. At about 19k the fatigue finally set in. Me and many other “zombies” began to need walk breaks, frequently. I kept monitoring my time, watching precious seconds tick away, but I kept forward motion. As I approached the finish line I could see the big clock. I  knew at that point I would eclipse my goal for the day. I finished in 2:08:48. My previous best 1/2 marathon in competition was at the rock and roll 1/2 marathon in Washington last spring, it was a 2:12. I cut 4 minutes off my time, yay!

Tonight Brittany wants to do a post race debrief, and set goals for future races. My goal is to have food brought to me in bed, while I rest. I suspect I won’t be hitting that goal anytime soon.

See you at the finish line…..


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