Returning to Routine

f5cdf8dc6d10622737e2350a9742f7d039a487d9This past week was a return to a normal routine. I have begun to insert a few runs into my lunch break at work. Being right on the lake it is an ideal location, if you keep your mouth closed. The May flies have been thick, and that is extra protein that I don’t want. The biking weather has also been improving. Even though it seems warm enough just walking around, once you get going on the bike the wind can be quite cool.

On my bike ride on Saturday I passed the First Capital biking team. They are an elite group of cyclists, all decked out in matching lycra suits. I felt good about myself as I overtook the team. Ok, Ok, they were stopped for a drink. That still counts though right? I mean, I didn’t need a drink, lol.

stock-vector-cartoon-bird-fallen-onto-the-ground-in-a-drunken-stupor-120822907While in a drunken stupor, my crazy neighbour (I know, you are wondering which one, there are so many, lol) indicated he would like to start training with me. This would be so awesome for both of us. Having that extra motivation can be helpful. I have never ran with a serious actor before! Now we will have to see if later today he remembers his good intentions! Is Rob Worthy?

We spent a good chunk of time researching school options for Brandon for this September.  He is looking at options for courses that are not at U of T. It will be a big change for him, but he is young and has lots of time to find his way. He would like to stay in the Toronto area, so that has been the initial focus of the search.

GetImageThe countdown has begun for our next mini vacation. In less than three weeks we will be embarking on the Anthem of the Seas, the newest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. This time Brandon and Kayla are joining us!

This past week I travelled 78 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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