First Triathlon of the Season

huge.8.43390With the nicer weather this past week it was beginning to really feel like summer. I had a “soft” week of workouts due to the lead up to my first race of the season, yesterday in Ottawa. As we typical, the alarm was set for 4am. It was s struggle not to just turn it off and go back to sleep, but i did. Of course, that also meant that Jackie didn’t get to sleep in either. We were on the road by 4:30am with all the equipment packed into the van.

IMG_9717The weather was perfect for a race. It was warm, by recent standards, but it was also overcast. This particular race I have done a number of times before. This year there were over 600 participants. My swim went ok, nothing to brag about. I was 15 seconds slower than last year, but then I am also a year older right? Once I was on the bike I hit my stride. I  did the distance at an average pace of 33.87 km/hr. That was an improvement over my previous years by over 2 km/hr! Ok, so I am not that old, lol. Finally it was time to run. Funny thing about triathlons, the faster you go on the bike, the less you left in the tank for the run. The first kilometre I went out to quickly and felt it for the remainder of the run. Jackie was there cheering me on, and getting plenty of video and pictures.

IMG_7143Although we had good intentions of having a good evening with the neighbours at the Saturday night fire, we were both dead tired by 9pm. There is always next week right? Oh wait, next Saturday we are in Bermuda! We will be thinking of you, honest. 🙂

Both Brittany and Brandon got acceptances for new schools for next year. Brandon is going to George Brown College for Computer Science, and Brittany is starting her Masters in Physiotherapy at U of T. We will be empty nesters one again, although very poor ones.

This past week I travelled 87kms during my training.

See you at the finish line……

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