Ships, Books, and Sadness

FINAL EBOOKI have so much to share this week, I don’t know where to start. Ok, let’s talk publishing to begin. The past week I finalized my book cover! Many of you assisted with helping to choose the final design. I had so many good options to choose from. I used an online graphics design firm, and they made it really, really tough. I hope everyone likes it, and even more importantly buys it, when it comes out. My target date for release will be in July. The last month has been a bit of a slog, doing numerous edits. What starts as excitement when writing a book, turns to work when editing, and then back to excitement when I publish (I hope).

KinoyRpiqThe entire family is on a vacation. Brittany was not supposed to be joining us on this one but a last minute change gave her the opportunity to come along. That is the good news. The sadness, is that Brandon’s long term girlfriend, Kayla, was supposed to be with us, but they broke up mid-week. She has been a big part of our lives for many, many, years now, so there is definite void we are feeling. If you are reading this, we miss you!

IMG_8603We are on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, heading to Bermuda. The ship left from NYC, and was it ever hot. It was certainly a nice break to wake up this morning and watch the waves go by our balcony window. The humidity is gone, well that is until we dock in Bermuda. Brittany did a skydiving simulator, and everyone but me went on a space pod thingy that went high above the ship. A good spot for pictures. I let them take the pictures while my feet stayed firmly planted on the ground.

Having some free time this week should enable me to get some good workouts completed, and do some more editing on my book. Oh yeah, I might eat a little bit as well.

Last week I travelled 107 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line……

P.S. Here are a few pictures of the trip so far.





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