How old do you have to be to be old?

computers-and-feeling-old-2I remember back when I was in school thinking that my aunts and uncles were old. Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t think they were “over the hill”, just old. For the record, I still think they are old, because they are older than me. It is all relative right? On Friday I went to my daughter’s graduation ceremony. Sitting in Grant Hall, it once again hit me that I am now looked to as the old one. I have become part of that generation that I used to think was old.  All I know is 48 is the new 29, I am sure you all agree. Age is just a state of mind, well, until you try to climb the stairs and for no good reason something just hurts. I limp around for a day or so, and then the pain goes away, never knowing just what caused the pain. Is that what getting old is all about, losing the ability to control your bodily functions, but not really caring? I will let the older crowd answer that question, as I am only 29.

IMG_0420Back to the graduation ceremony. Tickets were hard to get as each graduating student was allocated a small number. It was not quite as difficult as tickets to the Tragically Hip, but felt that way. Brittany was able to get a few extra so the grandparents could come along. As I sat beside my mother in the audience she asked me how much the tickets were to purchase? I don’t know what everyone else paid, but my seat cost about $80,000. It was a relatively short ceremony for the money spent, but it was well worth it. Brittany picked up a few extra awards, including the top marks of her graduating class (I think her final GPA was 4.22). It was a medal from the University, engraved with her name and program.

We also spent some time this past week online looking for student housing in Toronto for next year. Both kids need a place to live in the GTA, and it is not cheap! It would seem logical that they live together, but that would be a recipe for the loss of both of my children, one murdered, and the other in jail for murder. They are both great kids, the greatest if I am being honest, but they are not compatible. We will be spending a few of the upcoming weekends driving back and forth to Toronto checking out housing options.

IMG_8783And finally, Jackie and I had our first camping trip of the year last night. We drove to Frontenac Park with the kayaks and our camping gear. We paddled into a site across Big Salmon Lake. The weather wasn’t ideal, but it was still good to get away and watch all of the wildlife. Now it is time to catch up on chores to prepare for the upcoming week.

I travelled 95kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line….







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