It’s getting hot out there!

13650e26b48d05c70c06e30483d37d24The training this week went well. The weather that we have been waiting for has finally arrived, with temperatures soaring. The humidity has also been very high, just to add to the comfort level, lol. Yesterday I did a long ride in the morning, it was very peaceful. The wind cooperated until the very end of the ride, and then of course it was in my face.

This morning it was warmer than yesterday! From the moment I stepped outside i knew i was going to suffer. I completed a bike and a run today, otherwise known as a brick. I suffered big time during the run. The sun was high in the sky and unrelenting. Thank god for air conditioning as it helps to cool me down after a hot workout. Jackie thinks I keep the house too cold, I beg to differ.

coachingOn Friday after work Jackie and I went up to Sydenham for a swim. It was my first open water swim training session of the year. The water was perfect, and for the first time in as long as I can remember there were no snakes!

I travelled 147 kms during my training this past week. Time for a cold drink. Spending time with the Swampers always leaves me dehydrated.

See you at the finish line….

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