Next Year I Reach The Goal!

Mont-Tremblant_Ironman_70.3_1After a few years of keeping everyone updated on my Ironman journey, the big race has been chosen. In 2017 I will finish my first full Ironman, at the age of 49. The goal was to get this bucket list item completed before I was 50, so there isn’t much room for schedule slippage. Earlier this week I signed up for the the warm-up race. In June of 2017 I will compete in Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3. This warm up race is half of the full distance Ironman, and will be a major test! In August of 2017, eight weeks after the 1/2 Ironman, I will complete in the Ironman Mont Tremblant. Yes, the full one. I will then sleep for an estimated 6 week period.

ironman_1280-1280x720This presents an opportunity for all of you. I am giving you a full year of notice to begin to train with me! I need a training partner. Rob, this is your big chance!

Many have asked me what the distances are for these races I have been writing about for a few years. Below is a quick reference guide, lol.

Swim       Bike     Run         Total

Olympic             1500m   40km   10k            51.5k

Half Ironman   1920m   90km   21.1km     113kms

Full Ironman    3840m   180km  42.2km   226kms


Last week I travelled 109 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….




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