Guest Post!

Hello everyone… it’s Brittany here! I am honoured to have been asked to write this week’s post on Dad’s infamous blog. Dad and I are currently sitting at a coffee shop in Lake Placid downing our large coffees as sleep has been hard to come by over the last few days. We are volunteering at Ironman Lake Placid this weekend and we chose to go the free route and camp in the mountains. Unfortunately, due to crazy storms, insanely high temps, annoying insects, and the usual hustle and bustle of a campground, we’ve been running on 4ish hours of sleep. But it’s all good – the excitement and energy of an Ironman event (and coffee) has kept us in good spirits!


The view of the sunset from our camping area last night

We are volunteering at the finish line today, handing out food to the deserving athletes. I am really looking forward to it! It’s especially cool to be back volunteering at this event because Ironman Lake Placid was the race that inspired me to complete an Ironman myself when we volunteered here exactly four years ago. Hard to believe that in those four years, I went from never having done a tri to completing three half Ironmans (including the World Champs) and a full! I love when things come full circle! Being back in the atmosphere here has definitely made me realize how much I love and miss this sport. I’ve taken some time off since 2014 but I’m determined to be back at it (for some full Ironman redemption haha) after I complete my two-year full-time Master’s in Physio at U of T (signed my lease for an awesome condo in downtown TO last weekend and I’m super excited!).

If all goes well, the next Ironman the McEachern family will be travelling to is the 2017 Ironman Mont Tremblant. But this time it won’t be me racing… it’s Dad’s turn to shine! He will finally be accomplishing his big goal of completing his “Ironman Mission” before he turns the ripe ol’ (sorry I mean young) age of 50. After all these years of Dad cheering me on, I’m super excited to finally get to cheer him on! Go Dad Go!


Dad gearing up for next year!

One of the highlights of our family’s week was when Brandon came back from Brockville to surprise us early one morning before work. I was standing in the kitchen, heard the front door open, and jumped when I saw who came around the corner. I hadn’t seen him since before I went to Europe (over a month ago) so it was nice to catch up (and get a ride to work – thanks Brandon).

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! In keeping with Dad’s trend… “See you at the finish line…” 🙂




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