IronStride Team

Iron_Stride_vertical_red_400x400This week I decided to take a different approach to my training plan. I have always been a solo trainer. Of course, I ran and rode the odd time with friends and family, but I predominately did things on my own. After doing some research and looking for some added motivation I made a call to the head coach of the IronStride Team. I had seen some athletes at various races wearing the IronStride tri-suits so when I decided to look for a team, I started there. I had a good conversation with the head coach on Monday. The team has a different coach for all three disciplines of the triathlon.

On Tuesday night I joined them for a bike workout. We rode to a hilly part of town just north of the city. We were divided into teams of two. For the first loop of the course I would follow my partner and try to keep up with him. The following loop we would switch positions and I would lead with him trying to keep up. We repeated the procedure 8 times. It was good motivation to ride with someone else in this cat and mouse mode. I was able to keep up with the team and felt like I might fit in.

8edc5d2f6097771e6950998d641bab39On Wednesday night I went back for some run training. The run coach was a young wiry guy that I was sure was going to kill me. We began with a 3k warm-up, at what was described as a slow pace. So let’s get something straight, a slow pace is one in which my tongue is not hanging out trying to keep up with others. This was not an encouraging first sign. We reached our destination and did 10 sprints, maybe 70 meters long. We focused on our form, and I got a chance to recover from the warm-up run. Now it was time to move on to the main set. We ran 6x800m intervals, at what was described as 75% effort. A bout food poisoning would have been easier on the body. I did my best to keep up with their 4 min/km pace, at least I kept them in sight for each of the 800m intervals. At this point I was looking for the taxi ride back to my car. No, I still had to run the “casual” 3k back to the starting point.

There is no doubt that training with the team was a good thing for me. It pushed me further than I thought I could go. I just hope I live to tell you all more about it.

Parliament-OttawaOn Saturday we drove up to Ottawa with Brandon to look for housing for this upcoming school year. We had a number of places lined up to see but after the first one we decided to sign the lease and stop the search. He will be within walking distance to the school, grocery stores, and most importantly, fast food establishments. We have about a month to figure out the rental of a cube van for the final move. Both kids are now confirmed to be leaving us in September.

By the way, Brittany and I enjoyed our trip to Lake Placid last weekend. We were volunteers at the finish line of the Ironman Lake Placid race. It was inspiring to see others make their dreams come true! Last week I travelled 112 kms during my training.

Here is a bit of Ironman finish line magic from Lake Placid!!!! Click to be inspired (or convinced you will never be as crazy as those of us that do these things!

Finish Line Video!

See you at the finish line….


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