One down, one to go!

This week was the first of two dedicated to getting the kids settled into their new school environments. We ran around all week buying various supplies in set of two. New dishes, paper for printers, laundry detergent, and much much more. Donations are greatly appreciated, lol.

IMG_8276On Wednesday Jackie drove Brittany to Toronto for the first of two trips, with the van packed up. The first stop was an awards ceremony for the acceptance of a scholarship that Brittany had won. She had her speech prepared and it all went very well. Of course, the money always comes in handy! They unloaded the van and turned around and headed back to Kingston.


IMG_0509On Friday after work I drove Brittany back to her new condo in Toronto. It is a wonderful building on the corner of Bay and Wellesley. Luckily it has underground parking, which I took full advantage of. We unloaded the van and began to organize her room. White boards were hung, printers configured, garbage cans purchased, and old furniture taken down to the salvage area. The view was magnificent, she looks right over Queens Park and the central part of the U of T campus. I must have done something wrong as a child as I didn’t get this kind of accommodation as a student! On Saturday, we had lunch at our favourite spot on Bloor Street called Fresh. They have amazing salads! On the drive back home was was forced to listen to a podcast all about Isagenix, more on that in a future post.

vo2_max_testing_logo_thumbEarlier in the week I met my new triathlon coach and discussed my goals. I did a VO2 max test on the treadmill. This is basically running with a mask on that measures your oxygen levels,as well as a heart rate monitor so he would know when I had officially died. After each minute the speed and incline was increased. This continued until I gave him the signal that I couldn’t go any further. It was very interesting to see my heart rate graphed vs. my oxygen levels throughout the test. The results help to target my optimum training zones. We can redo the testing again a few months down the road and hopefully see the progress!

I travelled 98 kms this past week during my training.

Next week, it’s all about Brandon and his setup in Ottawa!

See you at the finish line…..

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