Brandon’s move weekend!



This past week has been all about Brandon. It was time for him to pack up and move to Ottawa for his start of school in September. All week we shopped for the items required to start a new home. The list was endless! We rented a truck from Dixon’s, and got preferential treatment due to Papa! On Saturday morning we all headed up to his new apartment in two vehicles. We got the keys a little after 10am and began to unpack the truck. It is not Ironman training, but it was close. Lifting heavy beds and couches in and out of trucks and elevators isn’t a whole lot of fun.

IMG_0445By 1pm everything was in it’s place. It turned out to be a bigger apartment than we had remembered, so we needed more stuff. We waited until the Rogers dude installed the internet service, and then we headed to my favourite spot, Ikea (yes, that was sarcasm). We followed the arrows on the floor like the thousands of others, loading up our cart as we went. We picked up bedside tables, a couch, lamps, and even a pot or two. Once again, it was time to drag all of the new goods up the elevator. Finally, it was time to put all of it together with a single allen key. Yeah right, easier said than done. All of this in a non air-conditioned apartment!

IMG_0443We took some final pictures and then made the two hour drive back to Kingston. It was a long day, but a productive one. So Brittany leaves for Toronto on Tuesday, and Brandon travels back up to Ottawa on Saturday. We will be empty nesters once again.

IMG_0281Brittany said a sad farewell to Queens University this week. She worked her last shift as a research assistant in the Kin department, and also her last shift at the ARC (the fitness facility). She claims to be very happy about being done, but I think she will miss it. She had a few free lunches from profs and friends saying goodbye. She said goodbye to her regular view (see picture).

I began my new swim routine with the new tri-team this past week. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings I am swimming at the Artillery pool at 6am. They are very fast swimmers, I am barely keeping up. It is good for me to push myself though. I also had a few bike rides and run the week as per the usual routine.

IMG_0020The past week I travelled 99kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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