This and That

hand-lettered-september-desktop-wallpaper-previewWith mid September upon us, you would think the temperatures would be turning cooler. I am still waiting for it happen! It was another hot and humid week. My office in the hospital is not air conditioned, and by the end of the day it can be very draining. So what do I do when i get home? I go back out into the head and bike or run. I guess I am a sucker for punishment.

Both of the kids are settled in and have started their classes. They are both excited about the new paths that they are each embarking on. We have had multiple FaceTime conversations throughout the week, neither have asked for more money, yet.

vacation-planning-concept-14130635Jackie and I have been enjoying our new found freedom. Last night we were able to avoid the thunderstorms as we sat in a nice restaurant with good friends. We had a chance to get caught up on all the news that transpired over the summer. Doesn’t it feel like time to plan vacation soon? 🙂

I was able to stick to my workout program all week. I am working on base building (slower, longer, runs). That should continue for a couple months and then I will pick up the intensity. The past week I travelled 139kms during my training.

Go Browns!

See you at the finish line….


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