Weights, Burgers, and a Possible House Guest

2b22df_d862c297b71b4c1b954f022491741b3eIt was business as usual the week. We once again had warmer than normal temperatures which made for good biking and running weather. I have continued to work on my base training, mostly on the run. It has been a few weeks of logging slower miles. You have to go slow to go fast (or so the experts say). The weight training also started this week. We did several exercises for an hour that worked the glutes. The next few days I had trouble going up and down stairs. Walking has just felt normal again today.

This upcoming week the swimming pool opens once again. I enjoyed the two week respite from swimming and now it is time to get wet once again. I will be in the pool three times a week until next August – Ironman time!

20150305-bareburger590-11We took a drive to Toronto on Saturday to drop off a care package to Brittany. Really, it was a number of items that she had just forgotten to take when she moved. She took us to a new restaurant on Dundas called Bare Burgers. It was another hit!

Hospital with red cross sign

My Dad turns 74 this week! Happy Birthday! We went all out this year and got him something different for his birthday. He will try to guess what it is, but he will never figure it out. We may be seeing some more of him as he has some medical stuff to take care of in Kingston over the next several weeks. We have a bedroom ready, and the cats can’t wait to have someone else to wake up in the mornings!

This past week I travelled 94 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line……

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