The Arrival of Fall

designated-survivor-kiefer-sutherlandFall is a great time of year. The temperatures are cooler, the colours are bright, and the football season is in full swing. Oh yes, I can’t forget that all of the fall TV shows have begun as well. I think our PVR still has many episodes from last year, at some point there will need to be a purge. Each year Jackie and I begin watching new series, hopeful that they will be good ones. This year Designated Survivor has made it to our list. We were big Kiefer Sutherland fans back in the day of “24”. For me, it doesn’t matter what show he is in now, he is still Jack Bauer. In his new show he becomes the President after a bomb wipes out everyone else in the Capitol. His character is meek and unprepared for the responsibility that has been thrust upon him. I am still waiting for him to turn into Jack Bauer and singlehandedly save the U.S. from terrorists. Trust me, it is coming!

My football team continues right where they left off last year, losing. I still watch the game  each week, hopeful they will get their first win of the season. If they don’t, well, we will get the first draft pick next spring. Always a silver lining right?

img_8685-1Dad has his first appointment at the Kingston Cancer Centre on Tuesday morning. Actually, he has two appointments that morning. We are all waiting to hear about the treatment schedule and prognosis. The cats can’t wait for him to be at our house for a number of weeks keeping them company.


Both kids are coming home for Thanksgiving next weekend. We haven’t figured out the logistics yet, but somehow they will find their way home. It will also be Jackie’s birthday so it will be a busy weekend.

My training continues to go as planned. Lots of kilometres running each week (40k – 50k), three one hour swims, a couple of long bike sessions, and a strength training session on Saturday mornings. Thank God Jackie likes me out of the house! This past week I travelled 107 kms during my training.

265 days to the half Ironman.

321 days to the full Ironman. Who is coming to watch me puke, and swear like a sailor all day?

See you at the finish line….

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