turk2It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend at the McEachern residence. On Friday we awaited both kids getting home from school. I tried to pick Brandon up on Thursday night but got caught in traffic. It took me 2.5 hours to move 10kms on the highway. That was enough frustration for me, I turned around and went home. Brandon found another way home the next day with some friends. Brittany’s trip home was also eventful. The bus she had booked was overbooked. Her and many others were herded to an additional bus. The good news was, she made it home on time.

img_8731We had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. You know the routine, cook for 5 hours, eat for 20 minutes, and then clean up for another 5 hours. We celebrated Jackie’s birthday as well. It is later this upcoming week so we took the opportunity to celebrate while everyone was home for the weekend. After all the turkey, yes, we had chocolate cake. I still can’t move. I may have to do 3-4 Ironman races just to burn the calories consumed yesterday.

Speaking of Ironman, it is the advertised topic of this blog, Saturday was the World Championships. It was a good year, some very exciting racing. Most importantly, it was inspiring! Someday I will be there in Kona, Hawaii in person, as a spectator of course. 🙂

a758652_700bThis morning, the turkey coma had partially worn off, so we went out for breakfast with my parents. Once again, back directly into a food coma we drove home. The neighbourhood turkeys knew we were full, so they walked right in front of us. The entire family of them walked across the front lawn, mocking us.

This past week I travelled 130 kms during my training. My swimming is getting a touch better. I am hoping by next spring I might even look like a swimmer!

See you at the finish line….

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