Training and Suctioning

bike-trainerFall has arrived and we are all prepared for winter. As soon as out neighbours Ben and Wendy head south, it is time to brace for the long cold season. At least this year we have a new neighbour at the end of our street, but I don’t imagine that means that the city will plow the street with any regularity. I swear we are the last road in all of Kingston that gets snow removal, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The fall has been beautiful so far. The weather has been perfect for running. Not cold enough to make it unbearable, but cool enough to make it enjoyable. Biking has been moved indoors for the season as it it just too cold to be going 30 kms/hr with the wind in your face.

x2604-e-34Brittany returned from school for a visit this weekend. She was looking for a victim to practice her suctioning of upper airways. The involves shoving a tube down your throat or nose to drain crap out of your lungs. Yeah, sign me up for that shit. Jackie conveniently¬†had a girls weekend planned in Chicago so she escaped. I think Brittany will have trouble getting someone to practice that on! I suggested the cats might make good patients, they all ran and hid. We were going to go to Ottawa so the siblings could visit each other, but the timing just didn’t work out. Brittany did find some time to join me for my Saturday morning weight session at the club. I was relieved to see that she found it difficult.

cfcf58df3ac72adefadf5907ddb44ea1Swimming three mornings a week at the crack of stupid has certainly improved my stroke. I can’t say that I am much faster, but I have more confidence that I will not die during a 4k swim in open water. I am still in the “slow” lane, but I have to take into account that the other lanes are filled with those who have completed ironman events in the past. This is not your normal group of swimmers.

This past week I had a birthday, and travelled 132 kms during my training. 286 days until Ironman Mont Tremblant.

See you at the finish line…..

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