It has arrived!

oneidajpg-9e5d4c5e74fd78dfAs I write this blog entry, there is a snowstorm occurring outside my window. Even though I knew it was coming, seeing it happen for the first time this year is still shocking. It was only yesterday that the temperatures were warm enough to ride outdoors, not anymore! It is now time to hibernate until spring, or visit friends in Florida, lol.


My swimming has continued three mornings a week. We began in September with lots of drills. They were focussed on technique, both physical and breathing control. At times it was easy to question when we would ever swim for speed or distance. This past week, the distances began to increase. I am up to approximately 2400m in the one hour sessions. Some of the meters are still drills, but done at a faster pace. We are travelling to the Pan/Am pool in Toronto in a few weeks for a special training set. Three hours of swimming in one day, should be fun!

entrance-webThe new Providence Care hospital is almost completed. We get the keys handed to us on December 1st, then the real work begins. We will have access to the building before the patients are all moved in during the month of April. During that three month period I will be busy installing parts of the technology in the new hospital. There are so many cool technology solutions being employed. Every employee will have a badge that is location enabled. Think GPS technology. In the event of an emergency each patient and employee can be tracked on a master map and rescued. It also lets security keep those out of places they shouldn’t be wandering. The entire thing reminds me of the Harry Potter Marauder Map. The patient rooms are equipped with IBTs (Integrated Bedside Terminals). The terminals hand from the ceiling and are a one stop solution for all of the patient needs. It delivers TV, phone, nurse call, games, and all on a touch screen solution! If you need to end up in a hospital, this would be the one!

This past week I travelled 122 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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