Books, Books, and More Books

stack_of_booksReading has always been a priority of mine. I have been averaging 40-45 books a year lately. This past week I finally completed the entire works of Michael Connelly. I have a list of authors, and I read any new book that they put out. Over the past few years I have been adding to that list, but being OCD I have to start at the beginning of the authors career! In 2015 I read through all of the Martin Cruz Smith fiction. This year it was Michael Connelly. I decided my focus in 2017 will be Harlan Coben. I have had him recommended to me many times by Jackie and others so it is time to take the plunge.

i-love-authorsMy list of regular authors includes David Baldacci, John Grisham, Jeffery Deaver, Steve Berry, James Patterson, Ian McEwen, Lars Keplar, Martin Cruz Smith, Michael Connelly, and some of Stephen King’s books. I would love to know what authors all of you are reading these days!

This past week I travelled 95 kms during my training, much of it in the snow!

See you at the finish line….

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