The Effect of Stress on Training

bucuti-sunset-lLife isn’t perfect. If it was I would be on a beach in the Caribbean watching the sunset. This past week a few things didn’t go as planned at work. It was nothing earth shattering, but little things add up and before you know it it is obvious that you need a break. The problem is that you can’t take a break from work, well not really. All you can do is look forward to the weekend and keep smiling. Don’t get me wrong, I work with some amazing people. They are all very supportive and their hearts are in the right place. That is certainly something different from my previous employer and employees, it was very cutthroat. Thank god for positive change. In summary, this week didn’t kill me so I guess it made me stronger.

knee-painIt was clear to me that my body was having a hard week. Both the intensity of the workouts and the motivation to do them was way down this past week. I thought the weight lifting session with the team was going to kill me this morning. It usually doesn’t feel that difficult, again, that is what a bit of stress can do. My knee is still a concern, but is getting better.


There is much to look forward to this upcoming week. First and foremost, my Dad finishes his cancer treatment on Friday! He has felt pretty good throughout he treatments, until lately. I guess the body can only take so much, but the end is in sight. On Friday they have a ceremony at the Cancer Centre where they ring a bell for him, signifying the completion of the treatments. I bet that will be a welcome sound for both him and my Mom. Oh, they are still welcome to visit every Tuesday night and bring dinner as they have been throughout the treatments!

final-ebookI am also looking forward to getting my book back from my editor the week. It has been a long road and she has been very patient with me. The book has been through two professional edits, multiple personal edits and rewrites, beta reader reviews, and possible cursing when no one could hear me. Yeah, it is not perfect, but it is time to put this one behind me and get it out there. The second book is complete and awaits the same multiple edit process.

Next week on the training front I go to Toronto for a special swim session. I have three hours of straight swimming to look forward. OK, maybe I am not looking forward that! This past week I travelled 107 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….

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