The Bell Has Been Rung

img_9280On Friday of this past week we all gathered at the Kingston Cancer Centre for my Dad’s final treatment. After the treatment the nurses, who he had become very close with, participated in the bell ringing ceremony. I guess it is somewhat of a tradition for the patient to ring the bell in the waiting room after the treatment. He was very emotional as he rung the Bell and was congratulated by everyone in attendance.

img_9287Brandon also came home this weekend. In part to attend the bell ringing, and also just to play guitar with me. We had a good session on Friday night, him on electric and me on acoustic, playing some of our classic tunes. We had an audience of one human, and three cats. One of the cats gave us a standing ovation.

img_0637-1Brandon and I got up early on Saturday and headed to Toronto. While he visited with his sister and Kayla, I participated in a swim camp. A group of triathletes from IronStride trained together in the Pan Am pool. It was nice to swim in an olympic sized pool as it better simulates an open water experience. After three hours of swimming, and over 6500m travelled, it was time to head back home. It was difficult to stay awake, I was beat.

This past week I travelled 95 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….


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