Christmas Time! Browns won!

img_2317What a busy week! After all of the running around to pick up the kids at their various locations we were finally all together. It was a good thing that Jackie had some time off work to do the pre-Christmas stuff, or it wouldn’t have gotten done. Brittany made sure that I replaced the laser Christmas light that somehow got broken. Ok, I drove over it with the snowblower. It was an honest mistake.

Did I mention that the Browns won their first game?

We played lots of games together. Brittany will claim that she won some of the card games, don’t believe her, I have never lost. We are not competitive in the least.Taboo is a family favourite, so we played that one multiple times. It is safe to say that Brandon is the champion clue giver. Brandon and I channeled our inner rock stars multiple times. All of the instruments were moved to the living room for the Christmas holidays for easy access. I think I need a wig with long hair to really fit the part!

Did I mention that the Browns won their first game?

img_2324My parents joined us on Christmas day for dinner. We had some good laughs playing charades and another game that I was introduced to at work. We had to try to unwrap gifts while wearing oven mitts! I think it was the first time my father had ever worn oven mitts!

Did I mention that the Browns won their first game?

img_2326The Christmas dinner was awesome! Far too much food was consumed, we were all in a coma while we watched the football game on Christmas night. Brittany has decided that she would begin to cheer for the Ravens, as they are purple. They are also one of the two teams I hate the most, makes for yet another rivalry. Let’s not even start to discuss the perils of having a son that is a Patriots fan. Somewhere in their early childhood education, something went very, very, wrong.

Did I mention that the Browns won their first game?

Today will be yet another busy day. It is Boxing Day after all, so there will be more shopping completed. Followed by more food consumed. Oh and next week the Browns will win their second game as they travel to Pittsburgh for the season finale against the Steelers.

There is no way I could have trained enough this week to offset the calories that have been consumed. I travelled 124kms during my training, and still gained weight this week. Go figure. I feel a New Years resolution developing.

See you at the finish line….


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