Year End Fitness Report

statistics-graphsEach year I receive a year end report from a site I use to log my fitness activities. It is easy to lose perspective on just how far and how many workouts I do in a year as I continue my journey towards my Ironman goal. When I received the email link to the report for this year I was excited to check out the details.

My total distance for the year was 5140 kilometres. That is the total of all three disciplines of the triathlon, swimming, biking, and running. My monthly distances were very consistent. My highest month was October at 526 kilometres. I logged 745 workouts in total, that is a little more than two a day! I also burned the equivalent of 74 lbs of fat. Good thing I was working out!

2016-05-31-1464712425-4101817-donut_day_deals_and_freebiesApparently I could have eaten 1418 donuts this past year, and not gained any weight. I wouldn’t recommend trying that, especially in one sitting. Although now that I am writing about donuts, one sounds pretty good right about now!

This past week I travelled 109 kms during my training. My knee continues to cause me far too much pain. I am trying to run through it, hoping foolishly that it goes away at some point in the near future. Time will tell. If only there was a Physiotherapist in the family.

See you at the finish line….

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