Snow, Vacations, Poker, and Training

main-qimg-42a047420a707f34a6c6bf703766e528-cWe have had a relatively easy winter, but each time we get significant snow I hate it. Couldn’t we take Canada with its great people and culture, and move it somewhere warm? I am sitting in a coffee shop wondering if I will be able to get back into my driveway! I guess if I had to get stranded somewhere, Starbucks/Chapters would be my location of choice. It has coffee, books, and WIFI!

an_libertyI am looking forward to an upcoming vacation that Brandon and I have planned. Jackie had to stay focused on a project at work and couldn’t get the time off. Brittany is too busy with a new man (and school of course) to worry about her father any longer. Did I mention there is a new man in her life? That topic will lucky get a full and detailed blog post at a later date. Stay tuned. Back on topic, Brandon and I are driving to NYC and then jumping on a cruise ship for a week. It should be an awesome father and son trip. The long drives are filled with new music that Brandon continually introduces me to. He is my conduit into the new stuff being released. He knows the exact songs I will like so it works out perfectly. I figure once we are on the ship I will teach him how to run and sweat, in turn he will teach me the art of sleeping past 5 am. Are you up for the challenge Brandon?

sht_61202320_1280x700_3859530034fc8a43ea74adJackie and I had a great evening out with the neighborhood gang last night. Dale and Denis hosted a poker night. It was a huge hit and seems like it may become a regular thing! I sense that Denis wants his money back. Scott has a unique style, that confuses everyone including himself! It’s always lots of fun to get caught up with the group.

My training plodded on this past week. The hours and mileage continue to slowly increase as I build my base fitness. On a positive note, my knee is back to being pain free. My next major training event is a camp in Mont Tremblant in May. I was tired just reading through the planned workouts over the three days. The final morning workout was described as, “Killer ride Monday morning and a run for anyone left standing”. Now I am no marketing genius, but it seems that may not promote willing participation. What do I know, it worked on me as I signed up. I travelled 136kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line….




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