Busy Family Weekend

img_9725This weekend has been a blur. It is a good thing that Monday is a holiday as I think I need another day just to feel rested. Brittany arrived home from Toronto on Friday night. In her program she doesn’t get many days off so she took advantage of the long weekend to come home for a visit. She looks very professional in her scrubs. We got a chance to hear about Rui, her new boyfriend. He sounds like a great guy, maybe someday we will get to meet him. He is an English Literature major and wants to be an editor. Maybe I can get some free services!

brew-pub-vintageThis upcoming week both my mother and Jackie’s mother celebrate birthdays. On Saturday we took my parents out to the Brew Pub for lunch to celebrate. We all had a good time. We picked up some small cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday during a family card game later in the afternoon. On Sunday it was time to visit Jackie’s mother. We went to her parents house for an afternoon of catching up. There was also some shortbread consumed. The scale won’t be friendly in the morning.

The training continued all week. Brittany joined me for the IronStrength class on Saturday morning. She enjoys trying to keep up with her father, lol. We all went to Planet Fitness on Sunday morning for a group workout. There was a box jump challenge proposed. It was a draw as Brittany and I both made it to level 5 before quitting. I must say, her form was better than mine, lol. I travelled 110 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the finish line….

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