Pre-Vacation Rush

img_0688It was a long and busy week. Going on vacation is both a blessing and a curse. The week before leaving you spend preparing. I had lots of issues at work to either deal with, or hand-off to someone else to take care of in my absence (thank goodness for great co-workers!). Every night this past week was spent either packing or shopping for trip supplies. And of course, when you return you inevitably find that the work is still there waiting for you. Let’s not think about that right now.

img_0691Brandon and I finally got away from Kingston early Saturday morning. The drive was a good one as the weather cooperated. It rained a little bit here and there but at least we didn’t have to drive through a snow storm (like we had in the past). After arriving at the hotel it was time to go for a run. Yes, training continues even when I am on vacation. The treadmill sucked in the fitness room, but it was better than nothing. Brandon and I spent the evening in New York City. We just wandered the streets without a plan. We made stops at Madison Square Gardens (there was a basketball game on), Times Square, and the Empire State building. It didn’t take long for Brandon to find a Guitar Center. He drew his usual crowd as he played for over an hour. I hated to pull him out of there as it really is his “happy place”, but we had to catch a train back to our hotel in New Jersey.

img_0693This morning we had a complimentary breakfast and headed over to the cruise port. It is not our first time at this rodeo so it went quickly for us. Check-In was uneventful and the metal detectors didn’t catch the gold bars I am smuggling to the Bahamas to exchange for a new triathlon bike. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

My training mileage was down slightly this week. Randy, my coach, didn’t add any workouts to my schedule for this week, but I will still find myself in the gym a couple hours a day. Vacation is a good opportunity to be relaxed while training!

We are missing everyone back in Kingston!!!

See you at the finish line, or the bar line this week….


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