Fun and Sun

img_0742My week of vacation is coming to end. It was nice to get away for a bit, although I still couldn’t sleep in at all. The clock in my body apparently doesn’t care where I am in the world. Brandon and I had some good laughs throughout the week, mostly people watching. There are some really interesting individuals sharing this planet with us. It certainly keeps things fresh. We enjoyed many comediens and musical guests throughout the week. Brandon even found a guitar and played his own little concert for the guests.

img_0783We stopped at three ports during our cruise. The first stop was Cape Canaveral in Florida. We had a great view of the Kennedy Space Center right outside our balcony. Our next stop was at a private island in the Bahamas. It was a hot, sunny day, perfect for a beach destination. I had been to the other private island that Royal Caribbean operates in Labadee, Haiti and this one fell short. Most of the issue was getting to the island. We had to use tenders which was a pain in the butt. With 5000 people on a boat taking little shuttle boats back and forth to the island is just inefficient. Once on the island (it is called CocoCay) it was beautiful. Our last destination was Nassau, Bahamas. For us, this was an opportunity to shop. Brandon found a Hard Rock Café and picked up a t-shirt. I found a Starbucks! There were five other cruise ships in port with us so the streets were packed. Imagine a small island with an instant population growth of 15,000 people. The local vendors may have liked the crowds, but Brandon and I found it stifling.

img_0703I continued my training this week. Although my swim opportunities were limited, I did get one good long swim completed in the Bahamas. It is nice to have the extra buoyancy in the salt water. I saw many colorful fish as I swam, but no sharks! I travelled 111 kilometres during my training this week, most of it on a treadmill.

sleeping-1It will be tough to get back into the work routine on Monday. Maybe I will just pull the covers over my head and stay in bed all day.


See you at the finish line….

Lots of pictures and videos below!

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