Week of Sickness

8TAbGnr7cNot much to write about this week. I went back to work this past Monday and by Tuesday I had somehow caught a cold/flu. With each day that passed it felt like I was getting over it, and then it would come back around. Here it is on Sunday and I can’t honestly say I feel any better than I did on Tuesday. I spent all afternoon in bed watching TV. I am hoping the full day of rest might help. Maybe I need some drugs? Going to the doctor is such a pain though. We still haven’t found a doctor in Kingston. To be truthful we haven’t tried that hard, but that makes doctor trips back to Brockville very bothersome.

af7a76b1df740fd02f890205a93ea0ae_400x400My workouts were less than optimal this week due to how I was feeling. I have always heard that if the cold is only in your head it is fine to workout. If it moves to your chest you should take time off. On Wednesday I couldn’t help myself. The weather was mild so I did an outdoor run for an hour. It felt good during the run, but then the cold moved to my chest that evening. Go figure. I missed a few workouts sine then, especially the group ones as I didn’t want to risk getting others sick as well. I travelled 129 kms this past week during my training.

I am hoping next week is a better one.

See you at the finish line….

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