Ottawa visit and bike tune-up

985x554_westboro__0008_Westboro_02258-credit-Ottawa-TourismYesterday I spent the day driving back and forth to Ottawa to visit Brandon. After completing some intense early morning exercise I started my journey. On Friday night Ottawa had a storm so I was happy to find the roads were clear both both ways. I stopped at a couple of sports stores in Westboro. It has been awhile since I had been in that part of the city. When we lived in Brockville I spent many a day at Bushtakah, a store specializing in some nice bikes. In fact, I bought one of my road bikes there a few years back. Brittany also got her first racing bike there. Fond memories. I showed some restraint and didn’t spend any money. Westboro has a good vibe. Lots of small shops, local vendors, and very few big chain stores. I imagine it is expensive to live in that area. I picked Brandon up at his apartment with one of his friends and we started by getting him sone groceries. He gets groceries on his own most of the time but having the added advantage of access to a vehicle made it the much easier. We also had lunch and a good chat. He is planning on moving soon to a house which he will share with three others (one of them his best friend). Just like old times back in Maitland, Kaden and Brandon will be setting up the drums and amplifiers. I hear they may also have an upright piano! The neighbours will be thrilled, ha! We are excited for Brandon. The new surroundings and friends should be a good change.

watermarked-dsc_0121Spring weather is just around the corner so it was time to get a tune-up on my bike. I went to a new mechanic this year based on a recommendation from a number of people in my triathlon group. Mark put a new chain on it and also put on my race wheels for the season. I will be needing new brake pads soon, but I will deal with that closer to the Mt. Tremblant races. Brakes will be important when descending a mountain! I should have picked an easier first Ironman course. What was I thinking when I chose a course with a mountain in the name?

728ad4e55d2b064294d38117d0947e27My training continues to plod along. I had my last Physiotherapy appointment on Thursday and all is well with my knee. I hope to be able to stay healthy as we begin to add more volume to the training plan. I am getting closer to my goal racing weight. I have six pounds to go and then I can go into maintenance mode. I needed to buy some new clothes, yay! This past week I travelled 111 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….



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